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Tastes of Crawford 2017

Presentation of a New 5th Annual Tastes of Crawford recognizing growth, will include Restaurants, Catering Companies, Georgia Grown and Coffee shop and Convenient Food Service Companies. Our theme was “Summertime and everything is peachy!” For the record, each year a new businesses has received the award of the Tastes of Crawford (TOC) “best taste” by the many who have attended this event to bring notoriety to all of our Restaurant, caterers, Georgia Grown and Food and Coffee shops in Convenient stores
2013 – Champion’s Restaurant
2014 – Hudson’s BBQ
2015 – Turner’s Wings
2016 – Camp Grace Catering Service
2017 – The Knoxville Store was awarded Taste of Crawford choice by the people attending Taste’s of Crawford, on July 20, 2017. Support all our Restaurants, Catering Services and eateries in all of Roberta and Crawford County as these food artists as they are bringing tourism dollars in many of the events like Peaches to the Beaches, Christmas in Roberta, summertime and trail followers and travelers. This year First Place Ribbons in division were given to Best Restaurant- Champion’s Restaurant, Best Georgia Grown- Dickey Farms, Best Catering Service- Champion’s Restaurant and finally Best Convenient Store with food and coffee Knoxville Store the four Categories followed by the coveted Tastes of Crawford Chef trophy– The Knoxville Store was decided by the people who attended and who tasted and enjoyed our eateries of all kinds and places.
We hope to continue the mini ART SHOW by local artists and will have games to play while the tasting are being made. Summertime and the evening is has been designed to bring notice and fun for all of our foodies in the four categories. Think of it as a great family reunion so bring everyone to look at our wonderful Foodies!

Tastes of Roberta and Crawford …love our foodies!