Awards given in 2020: Business of the Quarter:

Spring :Dr. Gaton and Crawford Family Medicine 

Summer: Greenway Farms 

Fall: City of Roberta 

Winter: Robert Drug 

More will come available. Annual Meeting and Awards Gala is considering dates for this event. We Celebrate all business and industry by Shopping At Home first!



Awards given in 2019 presented at the Annual Meeting and Awards Presentations; recognition of the awards in many categories are provided by nominations rewarding those companies and individuals serving this community and business and have been offered to public by the Chamber of Commerce since 1987.

Business of the Year: Crawford County Board of Education

Businesses of the Four Quarters – Big Chic, Crawford County Board of Education, M&W Heating and Air and Crawford County Government/ Commissioners 

Individual of the Year: Melissa Lockette-Hollis 

Youth of the Year: Ta’Meshia Raines 

Two -Unsung Hero -Posthumously Wendy Sears presented to her daughter Kiera Sears

      Unsung Hero’s – Crawford County Farm Bureau Woman’s Group 

All of the individuals and Businesses have been awarded with honors for their demonstration of leadership in their communities, community support and works preformed, use of time talents and treasures to provide a positive atmosphere in our community.  

Recognition of Two STAR Students and sharing between the two seniors their STAR Teacher

STAR Teacher- Jenifer Martin and Students Achieving the highest Score on Academic Testing

STAR Students: Yuki Smith and Casey Presley