Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce is recognized by the new logo


Your Chamber of Commerce is working to build your community and recognize our business and industry. This begins with the Board of Directors and the Executive Director. All are people who are Chamber Members are elected by the chamber membership. Sole position, Executive Director, is hired by the Board of Directors.

Roberta Crawford Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors serve three-year terms. President is voted by the board and will serve additional two years. President Elect will serve two years and is voted on by the current board and will succeed retiring board President. Membership elects all board members, who will serve a three-year term. One-year terms are appointments by the Chamber President or by yearly election of board members.

Each year, the Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce holds elections to provide a stable governing force. Board members are intent to fill business voids or provide guidance to members if needed. All are electable candidates after serving terms. They do this to serve this community. None will receive compensation.

This is an introduction of your Chamber Board of Directors:

Introducing our Chambers Executive Board 2023

President Ryan Johnson 2023-2025

President-Elect Josh Patterson 2923-2025

Treasurer – Cynde Dickey

Past President- Joey Barrett

Board Members: 2023 

Kathleen Cook – December 31, 2023, term ends

Stephanie Harris – December 31, 2023, term ends

Matt McDonald- December 31, 2023

Ricky Cosnahan, December 31, 2025

Robin Dunaway, December 31, 2025
Todd Youngblood, December 31, 2025
Joanne Hamlin, December 31, 2023
Martha McAfee, December 31, 2023
Lorretta McCranie December 2023
Anthony Aikens BOE Superintendent, December 2023
Patti Temple, Chamber’s Executive Director is serving you this year for 13 years. Member of Georgia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (GACCE) and your chamber is recognized as a Certified Chamber of Commerce. GACCE remains our access to finer design of Chamber life.