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Contact Person: James Hall
Business Description:

Christian Summer Camp Program with options to rent to Christian Programs

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1872
Street Address: 554 Camp Eunice (Roberta, GA 31078)
City/State/Zip: Fort Valley, Georgia
Office Phone: 478-836-2432
Cell Phone: 229-343-4015
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Contact Person: Lucas Farmer / Dave Pridemore
Business Description:

Providing year long programs for underserved youth in our communities

Mailing Address: 2559 Walkers Chapel Road
City/State/Zip: Roberta, GA 31078
Office Phone: 478-836-9529
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Contact Person: Russell Jones
Business Description:

As advocates for the preservation and utilization of Crawford County

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 622
City/State/Zip: Roberta, GA 31078
Office Phone: 478-7815777
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Contact Person: Christina Wright
Business Description:

Provide crisis intervention, comprehensive services, support, and safe shelter for victims of violent crimes, including sexual assault and domestic violence, and to education the community about the cycle of violence and prevention thereof.

Mailing Address: 195 Hill Park Suite 100 C
Street Address: 195 Hill Park Suite 100 C
City/State/Zip: Macon, GA 31201
Office Phone: 478-745-9292
Cell Phone: 478-731-9018
Fax: 478-745-6820
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Contact Person: Blair Train
Business Description:

Girl Scouting is for every girl, everywhere

Mailing Address: 6869 Columbus Road
City/State/Zip: Lizella, GA 31052
Office Phone: 478-935-2221 Ext. 122
Fax: 478-731-7630
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Contact Person: Joanne Hamlin / Cynde Dickey
Business Description:

Volunteers working to ensure Crawford County stays a beautiful place to live.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 417
Street Address: 91 S. Mathews Street
City/State/Zip: Roberta, GA 31078
Office Phone: 478-836-4140
Fax: 478-836-9436
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Contact Person: Rev. Samuel Chester/ Evelyn Chester
Business Description:

Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11AM-2PM for qualified individuals

Mailing Address: 131 South Dugger Avenue
Street Address: 131 South Dugger Avenue
City/State/Zip: Roberta, Georgia 31078
Office Phone: 478-837-7290
Cell Phone: 478-320-2167
Fax: 478-837-7292
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Contact Person: Minister Charlotte Smith/ Crystal Walker
Business Description:

Eden Joy Outreach Ministries is a domestic nonprofit business organization providing information, religious education, charity events, and other activities providing a life purpose. “We are here to help our sisters and brothers in Christ suffering from domestic violence, drug abuse, and life choices.”

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 151
Street Address: 6954 Hopewell Road West
City/State/Zip: Roberta, Georgia, 31078
Office Phone: 478-391-7134
Cell Phone: 478-391-7134
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Contact Person: Todd Youngblood
Business Description:

Private non profit offering services-Lawn service; cleaning service; small assemblies for companies. We are a day service for the developmental disabled

Mailing Address: 213 Allen Street
Street Address: 213 Allen Street
City/State/Zip: Fort Valley, Gerogia 31030
Office Phone: 478-918-7422
Cell Phone: 478-918-7422
Fax: 478-825-8054
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Contact Person: Pete Gillispie/Bill Wilford
Business Description:

Boy Scouts are about Youth Leadership development through fun activities like, camping, hiking and community service. Scouts explore many occupational fields through their development during their scouting career, beginning from Kindergarten through 12 grade – into adult life as leaders or beyond. Scouts build lifetime relationship out side their communities, beyond their local connections. Allowing¬† connections of lifelong friends providing endless possibilities and establishing opportunities. Always recruiting new youth to join…go to

Office Phone: 478-955-0580
Cell Phone: 478-957-5694
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Contact Person: Freda Gaines
Business Description:

Freda Gaines Signs of Hope Outreach Ministry is a newly established ministry. Our mission is to deal with the needs and concerns of people beyond the walls of the church. We want to restore hope and provide opportunities for people to become all that God intends them to be. This ministry will provide spiritual, educational and social events and activities throughout the community that will promote Godly relationships.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1135
City/State/Zip: Roberta, Georgia 31078
Office Phone: 478-973-9049
Cell Phone: 478-973-9049
Contact Person: Tara S. Combs/ Shannon Lawson
Business Description:

A 50 year -old nonprofit, The Council on Alcohol and Drugs is registered as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit government supported agency. As an education agency, providing substance abuse and suicide prevention programs and material by using most current research on drug use, death by suicide and its impact on the community it serves.

Mailing Address: 1336 Abilene Trail
Street Address: 1336 Abilene Trail
City/State/Zip: Macon, Georgia 31220
Office Phone: 706-872-9919
Cell Phone: 706-872-9919
Fax: 478-216-3347
Website Address: