Did you know about this? Take a look at our artists!

Artists among us!

Regarding those in our community who are gifted in the arts like the following four people, we have many more who have talents by pen or pen and pencils with splashes of paint and hues as well. Let us know at the Chamber and we will show you off in Did you know about this?

Victoria Simmons, has produced two books. Vanish Towns Remembered in Crawford and Peach County. A good read for history preservation and to sit back and read the romantics of the past. The towns gone are still remembered in many history books, however, Simmons researched and found old photos of towns in the book. Her research added to the lesson in history of the towns in Crawford and Peach County that have vanished but still are remembered. Here second book is written by hearts following and here ministry…Day at a time with God. Those readers who have purchased the book have turned the book into a read until finsihed… instead of one day at a time.


Three Authors-three different audiences

Tony Byram, a retired educator and coach, has written a book entitled Gametime.  In his book, Tony presents a fictional account of what the outcome might be if the ten best teams of his career were to compete against one another. Each team is described in detail and the outcomes are based on real life statistics and individual talents. Twenty-one of his thirty-six years of coaching were spent in Crawford County.  The players come alive and they get their chance to shine once again years after hanging up their cleats.  Many players are named in the book.

Stephen (Steve) Davis, a retired banker, penned a collection of stories, jokes and anecdotes. The stories may be humorous, but all teach “life lessons”.  The expression “Boomer Boys”, refers to the generation that was  born post WWII.  Many of the characters in the book are kin to the author and  many are friends and acquaintances,  so the author’s experiences are related to real people. Steve did not want to lose the stories, so he began writing them down some thirty years ago..  He does a great job of passing the stories on.

David Hunt, a retired educator, writes children’s books about dogs.  The main character is a Maltese-Yorkie named Sweet Willie McDuffie. During trips to the veterinarian, wh

Three Authors-three different audiences

en Wiliie was a puppy, David would  make up songs about Willie,  which resulted in the song “Sweet Willie McDuffie” and that’s when the author decided to write a book. Two Willie McDuffie books have been published: “Willie Takes the High Road” and “The Furry Worrier”. The stories are about bullying and worry.

Norma Jeanne Trammell, an artist in her own right, does a wonderful job of illustrating The Willie McDuffie books.  She once taught the fourth grade and kindergarten in Crawford County.  She presently resides in Monticello, GA.  Visit her website at www.normajeantrammellart.com.


There are many others out there who are gifted artists let us see some of your  works!

Seeing with old eyes, can be a new road or place to visit

Need a place to come tour and hear the stories personalizing our over 150 year old buildings in Knoxville, Crawford County Georgia: the Old Jail, Pottery Museum, The Georgia Post Building, and majestic and full of stories of Crawford County…”the Old Courthouse.”

Built in 1852, likely by Henry Crews, this vernacular courthouse is among the oldest in Georgia. It replaced an earlier structure on the same location which was destroyed by fire in 1829. After extensive renovations and remodels during the 19th and 20th centuries, it was no longer deemed practical and  a new courthouse was opened across the street in 2002. Now it is used as one of Crawford County Museums. One may visit the museum Monday through Friday by calling 478-836 3825. This is just one of the counties museums:


historic crawford county courthouse knoxville ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010The Georgia Post Building is the smallest building on the Georgia Preservation Buildings and it business celebrates 100 years business. Crawford County Old Jail was erected in 1824 and was used until the 1970’s. Many stories to tell especially the one escape of a prisoner through the bars on the second story. Brick building is erected in a two story square.   The Pottery Museum, houses the relics of pottery created by the many potters in this county. Each year the third Saturday in May this history of pottery is celebrated as the Georgia Jug Festival and Old Knoxville Days. However you may visit all by appointment and calling 478-836-3825. 

Come see us and visit our many museums and historic downtown Roberta. 

Crawford’s Got Talent –Join us in 2021!

Crawford’s Got Talent! Will be back in 2021

Crawford’s Got Talent in 2020 was a spirit lifter. Stay tuned for what we plan for 2021.

Please support our sponsors of 2021 and see who our performers were.

This year, 2020 was COVID Aware for our audience and our contestants.

Masks and social distancing, in place the show was well attended. Our sponsors:

GOLD                                       Thank you!!!!

Crawford Family Medicine                   

Flint Energies 

Dickey Farms 


Coldneck Customs         Friends of Kiwanis           Upson EMC

Georgia Community Bank                   Roberta Drugs

                                                    Flint River Communications          Public Service Telephone

Support and thank our sponsors allowing this annual event -The Talent Show- to let contestants shine and entertain our audience. Our audience was entertained by the following:

Bo Skinner                                                   Beatbox                          Division 1

Kirsten Dyer & Ariel Mc Bride             Duet                                 Division 2

Wyatt Pyles & Kat Wortherly                Duet                                Division 3

Harmony Smith                                         Interpretive Dance     Division 1

Destiny  Garrettson                                  Song                                 Division 2

Matt McDonald                                      Instrumental & Song      Division 3

Kathryn Jones                                           Song                                   Division 1

Cameron Theissen & Brenda Torres Duet                                  Division 2

Gabriela King                                             Song                                  Division 1

Ella Bianchi                                                Song                                   Division 1

Bobby Daniels                                           Instrumental                  Division 3

Glenda Atchinson                                   Gospel                                Division 3


Youth Leadership Scholarships through Flint Energies Foundation

To all Youth Leaders…Flint Energies Foundation Scholarships available

Here is your ticket to help with college and university endeavours. The Applications below or visit Flint Energies Foundation website. February 26, 2021 is your deadline.

• All applications must be postmarked or hand-delivered to any Flint Energies office by
February 26, 2021. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Mail applications to:
Flint Energies Foundation Scholarship Program
Attn: Hannah Sloan
P.O. Box 308
Reynolds, GA 31076
• The applicant must be a graduate of a Flint Energies Youth Leadership class in the counties of
Crawford, Macon, Taylor or Schley.
• By the awarding of the scholarship, the applicant must be enrolled in an accredited college
program, either full-time or part-time.
• The scholarship competition is open to high school students with an acceptance letter who plan
to begin college no later than the fall semester after graduation, as well as college students.
• The scholarship funds will be disbursed directly to the college’s business office on behalf of the
grant recipient in the amount of $2,500, upon presentation of the student’s registration. The
recipient must use the funds within one year of date of issue; funds must be completely utilized
within two years of the date of issue.
• A person may submit one application each year, but previous winners are not eligible to win a
second time.
• Up to three local scholarship winners will be awarded $2,500 each, based on available funds.
• Any and all majors are eligible to apply. Special consideration will be given to those applicants
pursuing either an agriculture degree or an engineering degree at any Georgia college or
• Scholarship grading criteria consists of the following: Grades, Essay, Community Involvement
and Financial Need.
• A committee of judges will review the applications. Recommendations will be forwarded to the
Flint Energies Foundation, who administers the scholarships. All decisions are final.
• Winners of the Flint Energies Foundation College Scholarship will be announced in May.
• Any questions should be directed to Hannah Sloan at 478.847.5195, 800.342.3616, ext. 5195,
or hsloan@flintemc.com.
Before submitting your application, please do a final check to make sure that all the necessary
documents are included. Incomplete applications and/or applications that are not completed
according to the instructions will not be considered.
 Include an acceptance letter from the college you plan to attend, if you are not currently enrolled. If
you are a high school senior and have not received your acceptance letter, please list the name of the
college to which you applied with a note explaining that you have not yet received your letter. If you are
selected as a recipient, you will be asked to provide one before the scholarship funds will be released.
 Include a current official school transcript.
 Include at least one letter of recommendation, but no more than three.
 All blanks on the Student Information page must be completed. If any data requested does not
apply to you (for example if you do not have an email address), put N/A (not applicable) in the blank.
 In your essay, do not include any indication of who you are, where you live or where you attend
school. Any such references will immediately disqualify your application. Also, do not include your
name anywhere on your essay. This includes headers, footers and page numbers.
 Essay must be typed and double-spaced. No exceptions.
 Essay must be printed on one side of the paper; do not print on the back. Use only plain white
paper when printing.
 Essay must be 1,500 words or less. Be clear and concise.
 Proofread your essays before submitting your application. Points will be deducted for grammatical
errors and misspelled words.
 Do not staple your essay.
Deadline: February 26, 2021
Submit to:
Flint Energies Foundation Scholarship Program
Attn: Hannah Sloan
P.O. Box 308
Reynolds, GA 31076
STUDENT INFORMATION – Please print or type legibly in black ink.
Applicant’s name:
Mailing address:
Home telephone: Cell:
E-mail address:
Name of school currently attending (high school or college):
Parent’s/Guardian’s name:
Parent’s telephone: Cell:
Parent’s email address:
Power provider:  Flint Energies  Other:
❖ If Flint Energies, provide account number:
I am a graduate of the Youth Leadership program in:  Crawford  Macon  Taylor  Schley
❖ Year program completed (usually your junior year):
Current high school or college GPA:
Participation in extracurricular activities (Attach additional list if necessary)
Membership in organizations:
Offices held in organizations:
Honors and recognitions received:
Other activities:
College or university which you plan to, or currently, attend:
Contact person (advisor, financial aid officer, etc.):
Mailing address:
Phone number:
Semester you will begin attending college:
Status in school:  Freshman  Sophomore  Junior  Senior/Other
School tuition per quarter/semester: $
Area of study:  Agriculture  Engineering  Other:
FINANCIAL NEED ASSESSMENT: NOTE: Will be handed as strictly confidential information
Total adjusted gross household income (from most recent income tax return):
 $0-$20,000  $20,001-$40,000  $40,0001-$80,000  $80,000-$100,000  $100,000 plus
Number of family members residing in household:
Other factors which may influence financial need:
Proof of financial information submitted may be required if scholarship is awarded.
Please complete ONE essay that addresses the question listed below in 1,500 words or
less. Do NOT reveal your name, place of residence, school, etc. in the answers, as such
references will DISQUALIFY your application. Essays must be typed and double-spaced.
Cooperatives in Georgia and around the world set themselves apart from other businesses by operating
according to the same set of core principles and values – the Seven Cooperative Principles. One of those
principles is “Concern for Community.”
Essay Topic
Imagine that you won a $10,000 grant to make an improvement to your community. Describe what you
would do with the funds, why you selected that project and how you would accomplish it.
*I certify that all information reported on this application is true and correct to the best of my
knowledge. I understand that the scholarship will be sent directly to the college upon my
acceptance and subsequent enrollment to said institution. I give permission to the Flint Energies
Foundation to discuss this application with a representative at my school. If I receive a scholarship,
I grant Flint Energies Foundation permission to use my name and photograph in its publicity of this
scholarship without consideration of compensation to me.
Student’s Signature Date

16th Annual Georgia Jug Festival May 15, 2021

Georgia Jug Festival
                     “for the love of mud”

Check out the Chamber Facebook for updates and Facebook Ads! For the love of mud! Come Festival with us May 15, 2021! at the 16th Georgia Jug Festival. Visit www.GeorgiaJugFestival.org

May 15 is Festival day opening with Star Spangle Banner and the Historical Society Jug Fest 5-K and 1 Mile Fun Run. Race begins at 7:30 am. Sign-in and ceremony to precede  race. All proceeds to be used by the Crawford County             Historical Society for preservation projects.
Demonstrations 9 am-4 pm in our Old Courthouse; History Exhibit/ Crawford County Historian Story Boards by Kathleen Cook; and much more! On the grounds and inside the over 100 year Knoxville Courthouse! Field of many inviting buys and we are adding more each day! Look for the Business on the Field so advertise your company and business! LOOK at our Sponsor LIST! Support them! Thank you!

At this family affair there is something for everyone Pottery to Public Safety Area…For children to enjoy seeing and touching fire trucks, and public safety equipment or Red Cross information as well as an all time favorite the Fire Prevention Clowns will be in place behind the Fire Station along with the Little Brown Jug Children’s Area. Kids zone is ready to play and offers several areas for children to enjoy, by children’s old but really fun games and in the Kid’s Zone to include  face painting, carnival type games with family in mind. Arts and crafts will also be part of the fun. Deana Hortman, Historical Society President will be painting faces and organizing the area.

Another event for the youngsters –Georgia Jug Fest 1st Annual Pageant for boys and girls 4-17 and $15 fee per child. Dress and show-off your favorite cowgirl or cowboy outfit. Best in three divisions will reign as Ms. and Mr. Georgia Jug Fest King and Queen.

Pageant Registration Form (2)

Historical exhibits set up and age old hand crafts of long ago explained and preformed at Knoxville “Old” Courthouse May 15, Come see history live with our demonstrators. Dulcimers Ladies to provide a special antique sound all afternoon carrying on a tradition of the past.
Story boards and the history is artfully displayed throughout the courthouse. Enjoy the history lesson they will provide and the many displays in the Old Courthouse to enjoy. Number of
Entertainment Opportunity as well as Melissa Falcon’s idea and carried out by Ciara Smith as the First Pageant  show for kids 4-17 ladies and the gents in denim wear or Favorite Cowboy or Cowgirl Outfit at 2:30: Our entertainment is always free and so is our parking for this full day of fun and excitement finding, history brought to life and the old fashioned day of family fun.

Children’s Little Brown Jug to include fun and crafts with only youngster in mind. They will have fun! And they will take home a home made piece of pottery…if they would like. Come the Kid’s Zone and see what awaits for all youngsters.

Brandon Pratt will be in the field to explain the pottery with a show and the history of Pottery. He focuses on Crawford County Pottery. Much more to come on this part our our field interests. See list of Pottery and Craft Vendors at the bottom of the page.

Kiln Fired Pottery Sale…Shelby West will be firing up the Ground-hog Kiln the Saturday before the festival and the Kiln sale with be the in the morning on May 15th Saturday’s Georgia Jug Festival.

Car Show…Register your “Pride and Joy” for the JugFest Car Show. Call or stop by the chamber for registration form or visit www.georgiajugfestival.com for registration form. $20 early registration and Dash Plaque for first 30; May 16th Entry Fee $25…have time left for those plaques. Registration 9-12 noon. Award Presentation of 12 Best of Show Awards Cars and Trucks at 3 PM and custom cars or trucks Award for: 12 Categories for Best and Over All Best of Show. Shine up that baby and place it On the festival field or at the “Old Courthouse”,

We involve the kids and invite all children and young adults ages4-17 girls and boys to come in their best western ware or the best Cow Boy and their best Cow Girl as contestant on the field with talent 30 seconds sign dance read a story written by them and maybe win the position of Miss and Mister Roberta Jug Fest 2021. $15 a contestant fee to cover expenses and prizes.

Lunch by the Crawford Historical Society, however, food trucks on the vendor field. Vendors are displaying the hand crafting of all your favorite trinkets and wood working or the unique items. Pottery vendors are offering those treasured decorative, functional and collectors items. Also on the field…business opportunity available to advertise your business.  Of course there is entertainment and Jug Fest “1st” highlighting the young gentlemen and young ladies strutting across the stage modeling their favorite  denim  wear. For the love of Mud!

“for the love of muc!”








Quilt Show in the Recycle Center will not be in the Recyling center but will have a great look in The Old Courthouse as a collection of quilts displayed. These quilts will be made by grandmothers or great aunts for a number of people. They will be old and displayed in a fashionable way showing off the stitching and design

Dianne Dye quilting by hand

The West Memorial Birdhouse Contest will be on display at the Harris Arena with our CCHS Art Show. Winners will be announced in the morning. We have many very talented young people so come see and appreciate your youths creations. Each of the bird house creations is built from clay and fired in the kiln. Décor of the birdhouse is done with paint and glaze and replicates on of our old majestic buildings. Courthouse to Community Center and even the Caboose have projects from many of the kids. The West Family has been promoting the contest and it was named for Charlie West as a memorial of his love of Pottery. Shelby West, Crawford County High School graduate began his love of pottery and creations under his art teacher, Mrs. Pam Perry and now has earned a name for himself in Georgia.

Best of all…It is Free Admission, Free Parking and Free enjoyment for the family unless you choose to purchase from our many pottery and craft vendors. Children’s Little Brown Jug area will be filled with old time events, pottery and craft making and so much more!  For all the information on this Event visit www.gajugfestival.com and come have fun for the love of mud! on May 16, 2020.

Crawford County Historical Society, Jug Fest 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run

8th Annual GA JugFest 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run

May 15, 2021 Knoxville, Georgia

5K starts @ 7:30 am
1 Mile Fun Run starts @ ~ 7:40 am
Awards Presented on the grounds of C.F. Harris Livestock Arena

Runners, Walkers, Baby Strollers (non-motorized of course), and Well Behaved Pets on a Leash, are welcome.   Pet Owners are Required to Clean-Up after Their Pets.

This year’s race/walk will be part of the 16th Annual Ga JugFest and Old Knoxville Days Festival! Please bring the family and join us for a healthy morning of exercise and conversation. Enjoy the 5K or the 1 Mile Fun Run, then spend the rest of the day at the GA JugFest!

May – Lunch and Learn  held at Musella Baptist Church, Musella, Georgia 2022

In May of 2022 this will return to celebrate the counties 200 Anniversary and a Potter will be inducted into the  Potters hall of Fame.

List of Potters, Arts and Crafts for your shopping needs! 

Pottery – Ronnie and Brhonda Payne, Shelby West, Stephen Johnson, Mike Williamson, Bobby Gaither, Kris Robson, Allen Gee, Derek Belflower, Art Club pottery with offerings to sell wares functional and decor pottery. Some will be involved with Shelby West for the Kiln Show Sale in the Knoxville Bottom, pottery pieces of their works fired in the Ground Hog Kiln or illustrate its use.

Arts, Crafts and more! Here is the List! Sparkles and Sass offering Goat Milk Products, soaps, lotions and more; Guerrilla Ink-tie dye items and clothing; Marsha J. Charbaneau crafted jewelry; Joel Pitts-wood bowls, spoons and paddles; Ashlyn Jackson-A Nurses Way ointments, creams and health solutions; Nicole Whsenart-cold press virgin 100% CBD products; Jerry Emmons-Mulberry Tree art, wood frame design and keepsake boxes and more; Repurposed by Mike crafted items to add to décor frames, table art and Crosses; Carolyn Ryan-baked yummies and hand crafted items; Joe Sizemore’s Wood Workings from rolling pins and bowls, cutting boards and more; Pamela Jones-Farm House Designs and Pictures, Welcome Signs and more; Nancy Mathews Creation in embroidery and applique items;  Nikki Taylor – everyday farm and garden plants and growing techniques; Lighthouse Services-pocket knives, ball caps and flags and much more; Hope Styers- My Kustom Kups and Sehosas; Kay Center- Plants and Trees in many varieties; Goruela Ink – everything ty-dye; Victorian Simmons celebration of 100 years; Kin Folk Creations artistry in many areas; Laurel Hanes-hand sewn items, blankets and toys;  And so many more adding expected to come! Three Crafty Chixs; Bob Everan creations; Ramey’s Metal and wood art; Kingdom Airbrushing -Michael Thigpen; Randy Bridges; Towncrafts; Soywax Spinkles of Scents-McKenzie MacDonald; Bob Every-benches, coasters and military boxes and more to come to the field!

EVAC LifeTeam to land the Helicopter if all goes as planned. Come for the pottery and arts and you will get so much more on The Festival Field dedicated to our artist of pottery making, to arts and crafts.

Entertainment on the Field

Bands from the Crawford county High School and Middle School will be part of the the program for listening and tapping toes to the tunes. Another addition to the entertainment is the 1st Annual Pageant show for students 4-17 male or female. A good show of denim is expected and prizes for the winners. Fee is $15 per student and funds will go to support the event.  Contact Chamber office for application or call 478-836-3825. Contact Ciara Smith 478-955-7669 for contestant entry and information for participant possibilities in dress and 30-60 second talent. Final entertainment to bring the festival to close with be His Way a non-denominational Worship band based out of the Crawford/Lizella area. BAND MEMBERS:(Jeramie Collins – Lead Vocals)(Alexis Sutherland – Lead Vocals)(Della Stroup – Lead Vocals)(Tommy Korink – Guitars/Vocals)(Sodie Gledhill – Guitars)(Tim Pinson – Bass Guitar)(Jeff Foster – Bass Guitar)(Kirk Walker – Drums/Vocals)(Gary Bryan – Keys)(Tammie Fetz – Keys/Vocals)(Jake Watson Jr. – Sound Technician) You don’t want to miss a minute!

Visit this site again and watch the great day event evolve.

Come Enjoy a beautiful day! Check out the Chamber Facebook for updates and Facebook Ads!

Georgia Jug Festival and Old Knoxville Days  is Co-sponsored by Crawford County Historical Society and the Roberta-Crawford County Chamber of Commerce 

more are as follows:
I will be updating this information very soon! For the love of mud! look at our Sponsors! Support them and THANK YOU SPONSORS!

Sponsor Recognition/Our List Grows by Our Community Involvement 

Bibb Home Improvement – Ken Smith        Heath Holly         Roberta Mayor and Council       

Crawford County Government /Honorable Commissioners    Superior Indoor Comfort         

Flint Energies        AirMedCare Network         Atlanta Sand and Supply          Georgia Power

Champion’s Restaurant         The Council on Alcohol and Drugs       Southern Rivers Energy

Community Ambulance                           Roberta Drug Store                Public Service Telephone

Crawford Co. Middle School              Crawford County Farm Bureau    Roberta Hardware 

Special Thanks to Media Friends 

Guide to Georgia -where you want to be anytime of the year!  Visit Guide to Georgia Facebook    

41 NBC News | WMGT-DT   for in-kind services and employee services

Macon, Georgia | 13wmaz for in-kind services mention on news cast

Thank you Sponsors! We Can’t Do it Without YOU!

Are you ready to SHOP! Are you ready to SELL! In 2021 – August 6-7, 2021

Peaches to the Beaches 2021 on March12 and 13 postponed with NEW DATE August 6-7…Longest yard sale in Georgia crowding the park with vendors, shoppers and up and down U.S. Hwy. 341 from Barnesville/Lamar; Roberta/ Crawford and down to Brunswick in the South! Large shopping areas with stamps and A & W Mechanical not to mention individuals in there own front yards and business on US 341 North and South. Come join us as a vendor or as a shopper! Look forward to Peaches to the Beaches hats! This years colors for tee-shirts–$10– all years and all colors. New colors to be announced

Come join us as a shopper and look at all the places open for your business to find the treasure your are looking to have. Take a minute to link to Peaches to the Beaches viewing the easy to read and follow the link to Peaches to the Beaches mapping system and see for yourself the many places to shop ’till you drop. All your favorite place are there in your home town and county!

Come to 39 Wright Avenue and have your business or off site vendor spot on a map that travels…well it will show all those traveling where you are on the “longest yard sale in Georgia!” Remember price goes up on February 1, 2019 from $30 to $50 and more the six vendor off sites locations $180 to $200. Food only is priced at $40 and late charge is $10

Become an Official Peaches to the Beaches
Vendor Today!
March 12 & 13 Vendors can officially participate three ways:
1)RENT Official Space from the Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce’s Official Site located at the official site in the David Bailey Memorial Park. $30 per 15’x15’ space. After February 1, 2020: $40 per space
2)RENT an Official Yard Sign to be placed at your choice of location. $30 per official yard sign;
After February 1, 2020: $40 per official yard sign. Note: After February 1, we cannot guarantee that your listing will be included on vendor/site maps, website, listings, etc. Official Yard Signs available while supplies last.
3)RENT an Official Site Banner to be an official site (for locations with 6 or more vendors).
$180 per official site banner. Note: After February 10, we cannot guarantee that your site will be included on vendor/site maps, websites, listings, etc. Official sites also have the option to be an Official Contest Stamp Location. Official Contest Stamp Locations agree to have someone available to stamp forms from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both days of the event. Official Site Banners available while supplies last.
Again this year Roberta Crawford County has THREE STAMP LOCATIONS – The Shop at Musella , Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce and A & W Mechanical. Stop at all three and collect those stamps to be in the drawing for trips and cash cards!!! Look for the ORANGE and YELLOW WELCOME signs and get your entry forms stamped! See you soon

Come have fun, shop, or sell!!

To become an Official Vendor, contact the
Patti Temple
Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce
Mail: P.O. Box 417
Roberta Georgia 31078

Shopping fever is hard to quench and clean cupboard, carports, closets and outbuilding a treasure to have not to mention the money you can raise! peaches_to_beaches_yardsale

Time and Place: Government/Education Public Meetings

County and Roberta Meetings-government-education:

Board of Education CCBOE -Second Tuesday of the Month at 7 pm at the Board Meeting Room For February, December and July please refer to website www.crawfordsschools.org
Offices located at 190 East Crusselle Street, Roberta, Georgia 3178. Telephone contact: 478-836-3131
Superintendent of Schools: Brent Lowe
CCBOE Board Chair: Raymond Dickey
CCBOE Vice Chair: Tim Johnson
CCBOE Al Hatcher
CCBOE Jackson DeFore
CCBOE Secretary Diane Fastiggi
Website: www.crawfordcounty.schoolinsites.com

Mr. Lee Sanders passed away in December 2020–He is remembered for his many contributions to the Board of Education and care for students, teachers and staff in the Crawford County School System.

Crawford County Commission
Regularly Scheduled Meetings 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the Month held at the County Courthouse, 100 Georgia Hwy. 42 South, in Knoxville, Georgia 31050 in the Coverdell Room; 6 p.m.
County Offices located at, 640 GA Hwy 128, Roberta, Georgia 31078.
Telephone Number 478-836-3782
Hours of Operation 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday
Crawford County Board Chair:

Vacant until March 2021 5th District
Crawford County  Jackie McCowen 2nd Dist.
CCB Commissioner Omar Dickey 1st District
CCB Commissioner Justin Spillers 3rd District
CCB Commissioner John Thomas 4th District
CCBC: County Manager-Fabian Hollis/Deputy Sharon Sanders

Website: www.crawfordcountyga.org/county-commissioners

City of Roberta on Regularly scheduled meeting is 1st. Tuesday of each month at 6 pm at the City Hall, location: 123 East Agency Street in Roberta, Georgia 31078.
Telephone contact: 478-836-3119
City Council
Mayor Jay Andrews
Mayor Pro-tem Joe Mathews
Council members:
Councilman Robert Cody
Councilman Connie Gibson
Councilman Arnita Harris
Councilman Sherry Thompson
All other meetings, are posted and given to The Georgia Post for publication

Kim Anglin City Clerk/ Assistant City Clerk Melissa Spillers

Crawford County Development Authority

  • Regularly Scheduled Meeting is held 1st Thursday of each month at the Development Authority building in the conference room, located 1011 N Us Highway 341, Roberta, Georgia 31078
    Telephone Contact 478-836-3497
    Crawford County Board of Directors
    Developer:  Lesley McNary
  • Chair: Hill Charles Bentley
    Vice-Chair: Richard Murphy
  • Martha McAfee Secretary
    Board Members
    Charles Westberry
    Arthur Bentley
  • Josh Lewis
  • Ex-Officials
    Roberta Mayor Jay Andrews

Crawford County Volunteer Fire Department
Meetings Scheduled yearly and held on held Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays to convene with meetings schedule twice monthly. Recruitment and questions about joining contact Randall Pate at 478-957-9006

Crawford County Kiwanis Club – Civic Group
President- Sheriff Lewis Walker
Past President- Ryan Johnson
President Elect-
Secretary- Larry Carpenter
Treasurer- Patricia Bassett
Lunch Meetings held every Wednesday at Hudson’s BBQ
2nd Wednesday Senior Center
For more information contact Ryan Johnson 478-836-3328

Announcing 2021 Platinum, Gold and Silver Members

Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce is announcing our Platinum, Gold and Silver Membership 2021 … What powers you in 2021?

Your company can be listed by choosing to commit funding to sponsorship of great events like Peaches to Beaches, Annual Meeting and Business Expo, Papa’s Peach Classic and Crawford; Georgia Jug Festival, Papa’s Peach Classic, Back to School Breakfast and Teacher Appreciation, Christmas in Roberta and Crawford County. Your Chamber will recognize you for your sponsorship for one year on your choice of events. Our Chamber Membership Package begins with Silver Level is $1000 and select two events as well as two seats at the Annual Meeting Banquet; Gold is $1500 and select four events and receive 4 seats at the Annual Meeting Banquet; our Gold Level six events of your choice and a table at the Annual Meeting Banquet and Business Expo. Or if you would like an even higher level we can do that too! Below are the listings for our 2020 Silver through Platinum Level Sponsors and Members. A year’s advertisement and expose is allotted to you on the website.


Platinum Membership

Platinum – Atlanta Sand and Supply Company 2021
Atlanta Sand and Supply Company, over a century old, located in Crawford County offer sand as raw material to produce many products for construction, golf courses and athletic fields, or customized products offered to landscape pool sides or other areas by using colored sands. In 2016 this company was honored with Business of the Quarter in recognition of the many contributions made to a number of Organizations and participation in the county.
Construction needs are in; Ready Mix Concrete, Concrete Block, Concrete Pavers, Manufactured Stone and all types of masonry products.  Atlanta Sand & Supply has participated in many Georgia DOT concrete paving projects, FAA Airport projects and other high strength concrete projects and structures so you see it and drive on sand traveling some road ways in Georgia. Although Concrete Sand and Masonry sand are our primary construction products, Atlanta Sand has the ability to meet most any needs of our customers.

How many times do you end up in the sandy bunker when golfing? Atlanta Sand & Supply Company produces a variety of sands suitable for golf course and athletic field projects. “Whether you need a Golf Course Bunker Sand, Top Dressing Sand or a Greens Mix Sand, we can provide a quality, consistent product to meet your needs” Atlanta Sands noted on the website. This company located in Crawford County offers sand for golf courses and athletic fields all over the Southeast. Also according to the website, the company meets, USGA specifications for various types of projects. We specialize in construction sand, industrial sand, and Golf Course Sand, but can also provide customized products. Visit their website: www.atlantasandsupply.com. Putting a name to the face of Atlanta Sand and Supply Company is Jeff Avant who also accepted 2016 1st Business of the Quarter along with him employees locally hired.

This Year’s Sponsor of Chamber Annual Meeting and Business Expo, Back to School Breakfast, Georgia Jug Festival, Peaches to the Beaches, Papa’s Peach Classic, and Crawford Youth Leadership.


Gold Membership

Gold – Flint Energies 2021.

Flint Energies –“We turned your lights on in 1937 by offering a something in addition to electricity…you would be the owner instead of a several large companies. We are  called Flint Energies. Flint is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative; a not-for-profit cooperative owned by the user and in parts of 17 central Georgia counties. Flint directly employs 230 employees serving more than 87,600 electric meters-you the customer. We are 100% locally-controlled and democratically governed by 11 members elected from among the membership. “In 1937, Flint Energies was created to bring people together to meet common needs like reliable electric energy, and our mission remains focused on improving the quality of life in Middle Georgia,” quoted from the website; www.flintenergies.com. Flint Energies is a sponsor and partner with Crawford Youth Leadership program and have since 2012! The company offers scholarship applications annually to Youth Leadership. Trip to the Nations Capital Washington D.C. have scholarships made available to students. Visit their website for all the information.

Members who are enjoying an elected board give Flint Electric high also enjoy highly rated customer service, noting the customer is important as they are the owner.

Sponsorship and placing a name to Flint Energies, is Jennie Lacey as a temporary contact but very much involved in the community in many other events. This Year’s Sponsor of Chamber Annual Meeting and Business Expo, Back to School Breakfast, Georgia Jug Festival, and Talent Show.

Gold – Georgia Power – A Southern Company 2021

Georgia Power is an electric utility headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. It was established as the Georgia Railway and Power Company and began operations in 1902 running streetcars in Atlanta as a successor to the Atlanta Consolidated Street Railway Company. A regional utility that supplies electric power and energy services to Georgia businesses and residents. Subsidiary of Southern Company. This company serves Roberta and parts of Crawford County.

Joey Barrett, representative of Georgia Power and is seated on the Chamber Board of Directors. Barrett involved in the future of Roberta Crawford attending other board meeetings, like Development Authority directing future progress of the county and city Georgia Power serves. Barrett will be involved in many levels as his career allows.

Georgia Power is sponsor this year through membership the Roberta Crawford County Annual Meeting and Business Expo, Back to School Breakfast, Georgia Jug Festival, Crawford Youth Leadership and Papa’s Peach Classic 5-K and 1 Mile Fun Run.

Gold -Champion’s Restaurant 2021

Champion’s –Rising from the doom of an old house belonging at one time the Champion Family and story of Mrs. Roberta McCrary-Champion receiving honor from her parents…Roberta, Crawford County Georgia would receive her name as the towns name from New Knoxville. As a Silver Member Kathleen Cook is involved with the community on several levels and the preservation of the Champion home is just one of the contribution given as a member of the Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce….
Champion’s Restaurant, active in the community as a chamber member who supportive of Georgia Jug Festival, Kiwanis membership, Chamber board member, history story boards for the “Old Courthouse” an added element of the Georgia Jug Fest, adoption of a room in Crawford County’s Old Courthouse under preservation plans and works. Chamber Board Members; Chris McIntyre, 3 years and Kathleen Cook over 6 years service. Designated a “Destination Restaurant”, with buses and events held on premises. Catering services used many times by both Chamber and many other companies.
Sponsoring Back to School Breakfast, Peaches to the Beaches, Papa’s Peach Classic and Crawford Youth Leadership.

Gold- The Council on Alcohol & Drugs 2021

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs is a 50 year-old nonprofit, 501 (c) 3, substance abuse and suicide prevention and education agency that develops programs and materials based on the most current research on drug use, death by suicide and impact on the community. New to our membership, Tara Combs is involved in the community and Family Connections. Along with, Shannon Lawson, will be very visible in the community. Government supported non-profit visible and ready to serve our county.

The non-profit supports the community by sponsorship of these events: Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation,  Georgia Jug Festival and Old Knoxville Days, Back to School Breakfast, Youth Leadership and Papa’s Peach.

Silver–Southern Rivers Energy 2021

Southern Rivers Energy was originally chartered as Lamar Electric Membership Corporation in February 1938, after a group of local farmers got together to create a plan of action to bring power to their community through Franklin  Roosevelt’s Rural Electrification Administration. We were the only co-op in the country to be formally dedicated by Roosevelt. Southern Rivers Energy now employs 56 people and provide service to nearly 15,000 members in nine counties: Bibb, Coweta, Crawford, Lamar, Meriwether, Monroe, Pike, Spalding, and Upson. As of the end of February, we currently have 18,733 meters across the 3000 miles of line. Parts of Crawford County are on their electric service lines.

Southern Rivers Energy has been a long time supporter of Crawford County and placing a face to the company is Kathryn Claxton, Communication Specialist or Erin Cook – Director or Marketing and Member Services, both are our Media Contacts. Many scholarships and grants have found results in Crawford County by the SRE Foundation board.

This company is sponsoring the Chamber Annual Meeting and Business Expo  additionally and Back to School Breakfast offering opportunities to our Schools and Teachers.

Community Ambulance Silver 2021

Community Ambulance, Joe Robinson, has been involved with Roberta Crawford County Chamber for many years as Middle Georgia Ambulance and contributed to many events is now under the new name Community Ambulance Company serving many other counties all over Georgia…
Once known as Middle Georgia Ambulance this company has served the county for decades under it’s old name…MGA and decided it needed changing to exclaim it’s community presence in many counties over the state. Stations located in Roberta, Lizella and other outlying areas provide safety and allow less of the minutes in the Golden Hour to transport patience to hospitals. They are sponsoring as a Non-Profit business; The Georgia Jug Festival, Annual Meeting and Awards Evening and Back to School Breakfast.

Roberta Pharmacy  Silver 2021

Roberta Drugs is a hometown pharmacy nestled on the corner of the downtown square in a location that has served as an independent pharmacy for over 120 years. The locally hired staff treats each person with kindness, respect, and the personalized service they deserve. Vaccination services, comprehensive medication review, and free county-wide delivery are just a few reasons to trust them with your wellness needs. Owners Josh Patterson and Tyler Young became close friends in the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the University of Georgia and ventured into business together in 2019. Josh, the primary pharmacist on duty, is a resident of Roberta, an avid outdoorsman, and a former wildlife biologist. They both have a strong passion for keeping independent pharmacy alive and thriving in the  communities they serve. Go see the crew at Roberta Drugs and let them prove that you’re not just another patient, you’re family!

Public Service Telephone Company  Silver 2021

Public Service Telephone Company has been a utility serving a telephone system for over 100 years. Based in Reynolds, This company is now visible in many other communities and counties. Their services have expanded to include internet services, telephone answering service, wireless offerings, cable television Flint River Communications, This was the sole communications company to service the rural area of Crawford and Taylor in the very early times of telephone communications services.

Fort Valley Utilities’ Commission Silver  2021

The Fort Valley Utility Commission provides water, wastewater, electricity, natural gas, fiber optic, and wireless telecommunications to its customer service area. The water system includes six wells and three water treatment plants with five licensed operators serving Fort Valley, Georgia and parts of Peach and Macon counties. Electricity and natural gas serve Fort Valley and parts of Peach and Crawford counties.

All of our special membership holders have honored the chamber and the community with sponsorship to our events through out the year: Annual Membership Meeting and Awards Dinner; Peaches to the Beaches; Georgia Jug Festival and Old Knoxville Days; Papa’s Peach Classic 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run; Back to School Breakfast; Talent Show; and Christmas in Roberta.  Special Membership has option to choose which event to sponsor.


Summary: Would you like to be a Platinum, Gold or Silver Member?

These are seven companies who have served the county for decades and they have chose to support the community, as have all of our members, multiple years. They believe in the investment of time, talent and treasure as do most all members. Some of our members are already Silver members by investment in the county but choose give during the whole year. Those companies are Superior Indoor Comfort, Dickey Farms, Hudson’s BBQ, Central Georgia Technical College, Crawford County Commission, City Council, Crawford County School System, Champion’s Restaurant and the Knoxville Store particularly during an event like JugFest, Annual Meeting, Back to School Breakfast, Papa’s Peach Father’s Day 5K and One Mile Fun Run, Auction or other times when funds are needed or in-kind favors. Remembering always that our members are valuable to the community and to the working projects of the chamber, Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce. Ask your director what it takes to be a Platinum, Gold or Silver member. There are advantages. More a business supports the community aids in recognition of the community.

Thank you to all our members, and thank you to all who are represented as this years, 2021, Platinum, Gold and Silver Membership as recognized on our website.



New Members to our Chamber 2021

Welcome all our new businesses in 2020–2021

Lisadiane’s Thrift and Outreach

Community Resource Center for Uplifting Women and Children

Musella Market

Air EVAC LifeTeam

Fort Valley Utilities

Crawford’s Comfort Zone

Ms.C’s Delicacies

Summit Moving and Storage

Mission Health Communities

VALLIHI Apartments-Senior Living


Thank you for choosing our Chamber Organization and investing in our City and County.




Crawford Farmer Featured in Film

FarmlandFarmland- The Evolution Of A Tradition is a documentary by Academy award-winning director James Moll. The film offers viewers an intimate and firsthand glimpse into the lives of six young farmers and ranchers across the U.S. chronicling their high-risk/high-reward jobs, and their passion for a way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation, yet continues to evolve.

One of the featured farmers is Leighton Cooley of Cooley Farms, a three-generation farm family.  The film will be shown on May 2 and 3 at the Douglas Theater in Macon and then will be released to the public this Spring. You can view the trailer and read more www.farmlandfilm.com.