RCCCoC Annual Meeting 2024

Roberta Crawford County Chamber Annual Meeting 2024 will be here before you know it!

Your Chamber  hopes you will plan to be there. The evening is filled with surprises and awards and your chamber board is currently searching for just the right speaker. We will also have our vote to accept the updated Chamber By-Laws for member Vote. This will also included on our chamber website. Board members are looking to have a February date

Annually, awards are given for Individual of the year, Youth of the Year, Group of the Year and Youth Group of the Year and our Unsung Hero award. Awards are periodically given to persons who have gone beyond expectation as the Lifetime Award. Please stop by for a form. The nominations are given to judges who are outside our county.

From Chamber of Commerce to the tree lined highways and picturesque scenery, we want you to feel comfortable and pleased in your choice to live in Crawford County!

All information is located on line and we like people stopping by you chamber office at 39 Wright Avenue. Roberta, Georgia 31078. You are alwys welcome and we are open 8 or 8:30am until 4:30-5 pm Monday through Firday and some Saturday’s and Sundays.

We want you as a member of our chamber. We value your ideas and your enthusiasm for your business and because you have chosen our city of Roberta or the county to grow your business.

Shop Local And Stay Tuned for information about our up coming Annual Meeting. Don’t forget to get your nominations in early. Date of the Meeting will be in the Georgia Post and on this website.

Lizella Baptist Church

Lizella Baptist Church welcomes all to be in the presence of Jesus by attending our service on Sunday. We have Sunday School for adults, teens and children. Our Wednesday evenings we offer services to strengthen the Words of Wisdom to bring you closer to our Lord and Savior.
Everyone is Welcome to attend Lizella Baptist Church!
Come join us or call us at ….
2950 S Lizella Rd, Lizella, GA, United States, Georgia
(478) 935-8632

Roberta Crawford Co. Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 2023

Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce is recognized by the new logo


Your Chamber of Commerce is working to build your community and recognize our business and industry. This begins with the Board of Directors and the Executive Director. All are people who are Chamber Members are elected by the chamber membership. Sole position, Executive Director, is hired by the Board of Directors.

Roberta Crawford Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors serve three-year terms. President is voted by the board and will serve additional two years. President Elect will serve two years and is voted on by the current board and will succeed retiring board President. Membership elects all board members, who will serve a three-year term. One-year terms are appointments by the Chamber President or by yearly election of board members.

Each year, the Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce holds elections to provide a stable governing force. Board members are intent to fill business voids or provide guidance to members if needed. All are electable candidates after serving terms. They do this to serve this community. None will receive compensation.

This is an introduction of your Chamber Board of Directors:

Introducing our Chambers Executive Board 2023

President Ryan Johnson 2023-2025

President-Elect Josh Patterson 2923-2025

Treasurer – Cynde Dickey

Past President- Joey Barrett

Board Members: 2023 

Kathleen Cook – December 31, 2023, term ends

Stephanie Harris – December 31, 2023, term ends

Matt McDonald- December 31, 2023

Ricky Cosnahan, December 31, 2025

Robin Dunaway, December 31, 2025
Todd Youngblood, December 31, 2025
Joanne Hamlin, December 31, 2023
Martha McAfee, December 31, 2023
Lorretta McCranie December 2023
Anthony Aikens BOE Superintendent, December 2023
Patti Temple, Chamber’s Executive Director is serving you this year for 13 years. Member of Georgia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (GACCE) and your chamber is recognized as a Certified Chamber of Commerce. GACCE remains our access to finer design of Chamber life.


Celebrate! Crawford County Bicentennial December 9, 2022 -December 9, 2023





200 Years 

We have a whole year ahead so look for a book,  coins and hats, time Capsule and a reminder…this county is 200 years young with history since before it was a named county. Be proud to live in this wonderful county vested in history books with many firsts! Our Celebration ends December 9, 2023…more to come.

Picture this: almost 200 years ago in 1851-1852, you and the town’s people are congregating where this Old Courthouse, the grand old building stands. The town of Knoxville teeming with people walking the down town area to the courthouse to hear the gossip. You walk up a granite staircase to get to the Grand Old Courtroom where the Judge awaits before the trials occur in the Judge’s chambers. There is no electric, no heating and air units, just fireplaces and open windows to let in the natural fresh breeze to control the temperature. You feel warmth from the blazing fireplaces and hear wood crackling all to warm the rooms upstairs. The rooms are lit by natural lighting, as the sun is shining through the oversized blown glass windows by day and kerosene lanterns by night. Carriages, buckboard wagons, and horses are all tied up front with gatherings of people outside awaiting a trial. What a different sight to our times now!

Potters and Cartoonist Mathew David Smith will be there to offer a gift for parents and children to give for your holiday shopping. More to come on number of vendors on December 10th but there will be gifts to purchase for the upcoming Christmas celebrations in your 2022 Christmas.

Parade will start in Knoxville and end up on a trek of US 80 in Roberta with a time line of history. The parade will begin with 1822-1900, middle1901-1950 and finally 1950-2022. The March of History will end in Roberta but the celebration will continue with Santa, Nativity and of course! the Lighting of the Great Tree. Come join the fun and the gift buying in our old courthouse and on the grounds. December the 10th! 9am-4pm, step off at 4:30 pm time line parade 1822-1900-1901-1950 and finally 1951- 2022, walk, ride and have some fun! Entry forms can be picked up at the Chamber of Commerce 8:30-4:3o pm on weekdays or call ahead and we will mail you one. Deadline on the parade entry will be December 5th at 1PM. 

On December 10th, Our Old Courthouse will be celebrated with the potters inside. The entry at the ground level, once open was called a shot gun entrance as you could shoot a shotgun straight through and never hit a room. No Guns Allowed now but… At that time in history, 1822, one could ride his horse down hearing bone brick flooring inside the courthouse to each of the rooms. Taxes, death certificates, marriage records, and so on were all taken care of in the rooms at ground level. Our potters will be front and center in the old courthouse to show you what came to Crawford and stayed a tradition. One of those is pottery making. The kiln in the Knoxville Bottom will be ready and full of pottery along with potters inside to sell those beautiful works of art. What a Christmas Gift! More crafters will be on the grounds of the courthouse in the grand old Tent or two or three to keep the chill off and still enjoy the shopping. Contact the Chamber if you are one of those who would like to sell your crafts at 478-836-3825.

Early in the morning at 9 am a gun will fire and the once in 200 years classic 5K and one Mile Fun run will be run. Larry Carpenter is Race Manager has it up for registration on Macon Track. It is truly and first and last race of two hundred years in celebration!

Outside food trucks will have the show along with the potters inside and some of the craft vendors outside as well. A Cartoonist will be there to autograph books Mathew Smith a graduate of Crawford County and making a name for himself in this art of words and drawn characters. Cartoonists were hits of the printed era–no TV very few radios and people talking with neighbors and books to read or to be shared. Who knows…Maybe someone will ride up on a horse!

Touring this old building and much more, the Crawford County Historical Society and the Bicentennial Steering Committee are planning a week-long celebration from December 4th-December 10th with a Birthday Party on Friday, December 9, 2022. A grand week of events celebrating 200 years for Crawford County.


Let’s go to the beginning the celebration! DECEMBER 4th! – 10th!

December 4th, churches will be the focus with the hope they will share and sing some of the old gospels and maybe have lunch together. Sharing photos of the congregation in the 1822 attire. Those photo’s will go in a Book of Memories to be on sale after the week long celebration.

Monday, December 5th -the 8th our Board of Education auditorium will be the stage for the Essay Contest for ages 8 and up. Winners of the Essay Contest will receive cash prizes so get those stories of how you would have lived in the 1822. A walk-through art show will also be an attraction while the winners of the Essay Contest are presented. Drama with aspects of 1900’s and Music our Bands will  be the order and will fill the seats in the auditorium. It is all good in drama to concerts by the bands and winners of the Essay Contest. Deadline for Essay is October 31 or postmarked Oct.31, 2022 

The Birthday Party will begin at 2:00 pm and going through every evening on Friday, December 9th.  On the actual date December 9th 1822 US Congress recognized Crawford as one of Georgia’s counties. A day of celebration will end with fireworks after being entertained by a band for street part and of course a Birthday Cake and so much more fun and games.

The Annual Christmas Parade will be Saturday, December 10th and will be the tail end of the celebration starting in Knoxville in the morning and continue into Roberta in the evening with Chamber Christmas festivities, vendors, and lighting of the great tree.

Roberta, now the only incorporated township in Crawford County, is the hub of the county.  In the beginning, small villages were all over the county and many of them are now just names or dust to be remembered by the families who had roots in our County of Crawford. So much more is in the process of the Bicentennial celebration and update will be shared in many areas!


These are the people who are working to provide this celebration:

Richard Hatcher – President

Terry Howard -Vice President

Troy Cook-Financial Director

Barbara Cook-Treasurer

Patti Temple-Secretary

Our members who are in the planning include:

Commissioner Jackie McGowen, Frankie McAfee, Jim Bennett, Tisa Horton, Stephanie Harris, Tom Pressley, and Mathew Smith. All are welcome and encouraged to come join us to plan and execute the week-long celebration of what we know of as Crawford County, Georgia.

If you are passionate about history or Crawford County, and better yet, the history of Crawford County, please join our committee!


Farms, Camps and places to discover

Places to go and things to see…we have it in Crawford County

Crawford County is on the trails…Explore Highway 341 and Peaches to the Beaches; Agritourism Trail Hwy 41/341; Historic Driving Trail on US 341; Peach Blossom Trail.

Looking for camps or learning centers; We have those too!

Camp Grace, Spirit Quest, Sun Valley Arabians


Sun Valley Arabians– offering swimming lessons in summer months and riding lessons all year

Sun Valley
Spirits Quest
We partner with horses to provide a space for our clients to meet their therapy and personal goals in an environment that many find more helpful than traditional talk therapy. The organization that I belong to is involved in peer reviewed research to study the continuing success of this model. We use a team approach, all unmounted, and most importantly, ethics are paramount, as well as confidentiality. It’s both a little complicated to explain at times and incredibly cool.
I am passionate about it as a provider, and I would love to tell you more about it in greater detail and answer all your questions!
All of the horses have been rescued and keep your secrets. Owner Operator, Paige Jobe has created her desire to save and rescue horses and give them a job that they have advantages and well paid in love and respect.
                       To investigate call and talk with Paige                                                                478-960-4977. you will see the advantages of this program for children or adults.
These animals are happy to listen to any problem you have  ….will be gone and never told. All are animals who have a job and now they also are well cared for as rescue animals.



Camp Grace                            
Camp Grace sits on 300 acres in Crawford County.
Camp Grace is a retreat center throughout the year and a summer camp for at-risk youth across the south. We partner with ministries from all over for an overnight experience to escape the real world. Camp Grace creates an environment that grows dreams, changes hearts and inspires life change among all those who visit.

Contact Courtney Meeks Davis for information and reservations for your time at Camp Grace.
Camp Director Courtney Meeks Davis   


 Peace and quiet with open space walks…This is a camp for all to enjoy in God’s Love.



Did you know about this? Take a look at our artists!

Artists among us!

Jug Fest crafts and pottery are the best! Come enjoy the many artists who bring their talents 


Regarding those in our community who are gifted in the arts like the following four people, we have many more who have talents by pen or pen and pencils with splashes of paint and hues as well. Let us know at the Chamber and we will show you off in Did you know about this?

Victoria Simmons, has produced two books. Vanish Towns Remembered in Crawford and Peach County. A good read for history preservation and to sit back and read the romantics of the past. The towns gone are still remembered in many history books, however, Simmons researched and found old photos of towns in the book. Her research added to the lesson in history of the towns in Crawford and Peach County that have vanished but still are remembered. Here second book is written by hearts following and here ministry…Day at a time with God. Those readers who have purchased the book have turned the book into a read until finsihed… instead of one day at a time.


Three Authors-three different audiences

Tony Byram, a retired educator and coach, has written a book entitled Gametime.  In his book, Tony presents a fictional account of what the outcome might be if the ten best teams of his career were to compete against one another. Each team is described in detail and the outcomes are based on real life statistics and individual talents. Twenty-one of his thirty-six years of coaching were spent in Crawford County.  The players come alive and they get their chance to shine once again years after hanging up their cleats.  Many players are named in the book.

Stephen (Steve) Davis, a retired banker, penned a collection of stories, jokes and anecdotes. The stories may be humorous, but all teach “life lessons”.  The expression “Boomer Boys”, refers to the generation that was  born post WWII.  Many of the characters in the book are kin to the author and  many are friends and acquaintances,  so the author’s experiences are related to real people. Steve did not want to lose the stories, so he began writing them down some thirty years ago..  He does a great job of passing the stories on.

David Hunt, a retired educator, writes children’s books about dogs.  The main character is a Maltese-Yorkie named Sweet Willie McDuffie. During trips to the veterinarian, wh

en Wiliie was a puppy, David would  make up songs about Willie,  which resulted in the song “Sweet Willie McDuffie” and that’s when the author decided to write a book. Two Willie McDuffie books have been published: “Willie Takes the High Road” and “The Furry Worrier”. The stories are about bullying and worry.

Norma Jeanne Trammell, an artist in her own right, does a wonderful job of illustrating The Willie McDuffie books.  She once taught the fourth grade and kindergarten in Crawford County.  She presently resides in Monticello, GA.  Visit her website at www.normajeantrammellart.com.


There are many others out there who are gifted artists let us see some of your  works! See our quilters and our other artists at the Georgia Jug Fest where artistry is celebrated.

Seeing with old eyes, can be a new road or place to visit

Need a place to come tour our Museums, Hear the stories personalizing our over 150 year old buildings in Knoxville, Crawford County Georgia: the Old Jail, Pottery Museum, The Georgia Post Building, and majestic and full of stories of Crawford County…”the Old Courthouse.” See the Monument dedicated the Col. Benjamine Hawkins and his grave site located off of GA 128 West on Hawkins Road. 

Built in 1852, likely by Henry Crews, this vernacular courthouse is among the oldest in Georgia. It replaced an earlier structure on the same location which was destroyed by fire in 1829. After extensive renovations and remodels during the 19th and 20th centuries, it was no longer deemed practical and  a new courthouse was opened across the street in 2002. Now it is used as one of Crawford County Museums. One may visit the museum Monday through Friday by calling 478-836 3825. This is just one of the counties museums:


historic crawford county courthouse knoxville ga photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010The Georgia Post Building is the smallest building on the Georgia Preservation Buildings and it business celebrates 100 years business. Crawford County Old Jail was erected in 1824 and was used until the 1970’s. Many stories to tell especially the one escape of a prisoner through the bars on the second story. Brick building is erected in a two story square.   The Pottery Museum, houses the relics of pottery created by the many potters in this county. Each year the third Saturday in May this history of pottery is celebrated as the Georgia Jug Festival and Old Knoxville Days. However you may visit all by appointment and calling 478-836-3825. 

Come see us and visit our many museums and historic downtown Roberta. 

Thanks for coming …17th Annual Georgia Jug Festival In the Books! May 18th 2024

Georgia Jug Festival
                     “for the love of mud”

See you May 18, 2024!For the love of Mud!

The Kiln at Knoxville Bottom will be Saturday May 13 by Stephen Johnson and Shelby West. Shelby will be putting some of his talent in the kiln and selling them at Georgia Jug Festival May 20th. Both you men have been involved with potter for many years. Many thanks to these local students who have been with the Jug Fest since it was a very young years…Little Brown Jug Fest was Shelby Wests first demonstration and sales. Stephen followed with his students on the field and his own creations. Pottery Lives in Crawford for the love of mud!

Look for our Festival Card brochure and come festival with us

For the Love Of Mud
















Check out the growing list of Sponsors we also have Crawford Family Medicine  and Knoxville Store and both are Silver supporters. We thank all the many people who assist in some way to make Georgia Jug Fest Fun! Check out the Chamber Facebook for updates and Facebook Ads! For the love of mud! Come Festival with us May 20, 2023! at the 17th Georgia Jug Festival. Visit www.GeorgiaJugFestival.org 

No Admission and Free Parking —save you money to by from our Pottery and Art Vendors …that will be more fun!

“for the love of mud!”       

The West Memorial Birdhouse Contest will be on display at the Harris Arena with our CCHS Art Show.

As Always!…It is Free Admission, Free Parking and Free enjoyment for the family unless you choose to purchase from our many pottery and craft vendors we plan to have. Children’s Little Brown Jug area will be filled with old time events, pottery and craft making and so much more!  Come have Fun on May 20, 2023

Crawford County Historical Society, Jug Fest 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run

8th Annual GA JugFest 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run

May 20, 2023 Knoxville, Georgia






Lunch and Learn  held at Musella Baptist Church, Musella, Georgia 2023. Potters, Arts and Crafts available for your shopping needs! Stephen  Johnson, Shelby West, Jon and Constance Brinley, Derrek Bellflower, Kris Robson, just to name a few.  Kiln will be fired on May 13 and many items will be ready to sell including Johnson and West pottery. 

Pottery –  Potters and Crafters still have time to sign-up

Arts, Crafts and more! Here is the List! Shelby West, Hay’s Clay (Stephen Johnson) and hoping all the potters you are glad to see each year will be set up and ready to sell. Our wood workers and other crafts will be set up for all to visit and buy lovely gifts. Many have gone the old ways stitching beautiful Quilts, clothing, children’s things, wood working, gardeners choice plants and much more

Entertainment on the field

Band preformance

Little Miss and Little Mister Jug Festival  and

The  Puppy Pageant  see our flyer

Plan to come Enjoy a beautiful day! Check out the Chamber Facebook for updates and Facebook Ads!

Georgia Jug Festival and Old Knoxville Days  is Co-sponsored by Crawford County Historical Society and the Roberta-Crawford County Chamber of Commerce 

more are as follows:
I will be updating this information very soon! For the love of mud! look at our Sponsors! Support them and THANK YOU SPONSORS!

Sponsor Recognition/Our List Grows by Our Community Involvement 

Bibb Home Improvement – Ken Smith        Heath Holly         Roberta Mayor and Council       

Crawford County Government /Honorable Commissioners             

Flint Energies               Atlanta Sand and Supply         

Georgia Power Champion’s Restaurant         The Council on Alcohol and Drugs       Southern Rivers Energy

Community Ambulance                           Roberta Drug Store               

Public Service Telephone  Crawford Co. Middle School             

Crawford County Farm Bureau    Roberta Hardware 

                                      Special Thanks to Media Friends 

Guide to Georgia -where you want to be anytime of the year!  Visit Guide to Georgia Facebook    

Thank you Sponsors! We Can’t Do it Without YOU!

Are you ready to SHOP! Are you ready to SELL! In 2024 – March 8 and 9 in 2024

March 10-11, 2023; 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. The Longest Yard Sale in Georgia from Barnesville to Brunswick, Georgia on US 341 and oh the fun you will have or the money you can make! Rain did not curb the crowd to get the shopping at Peaches to the Beaches 2023!

Official yard sites range from multi-organizational group sites to the official individual sites. As you are traveling during this event, look for the The Official Site Banners and Official Vendor Yard Signs which will be located along Hwy 341 for places to stop and shop!

Come join us as a shopper and look at all the places open for your business to find the treasure your are looking to have. Take a minute to link to Peaches to the Beaches viewing the easy to read and follow the link to Peaches to the Beaches mapping system and see for yourself the many places to shop ’till you drop. All your favorite place are there in your home town and county!

Come to 39 Wright Avenue and have your business or off site vendor spot on a map that travels…well it will show all those traveling where you are on the “longest yard sale in Georgia!” Remember price goes up on February 1, 2019 from $30 to $50 and more the six vendor off sites locations $180 to $200. Food only is priced at $40 and late charge is $10

Become an Official Peaches to the Beaches in 2024
space. After February 1, 2023: $40 per space
2)RENT an Official Yard Sign to be placed at your choice of location. $40 per official yard sign;
After February 1, 2020: $60 per official yard sign. Note: After February 1, we cannot guarantee that your listing will be included on vendor/site maps, website, listings, etc. Official Yard Signs available while supplies last.
3)RENT an Official Site Banner to be an official site (for locations with 6 or more vendors).
$200 per official site banner. Note: After February 10, we cannot guarantee that your site will be included on vendor/site maps, websites, listings, etc. Official sites also have the option to be an Official Contest Stamp Location. Official Contest Stamp Locations agree to have someone available to stamp forms from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both days of the event.
Come have fun, shop, or sell!!

To become an Official Vendor, contact the
Patti Temple
Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce
Mail: P.O. Box 417
Roberta Georgia 31078

Shopping fever is hard to quench and clean cupboard, carports, closets and outbuilding a treasure to have not to mention the money you can raise! peaches_to_beaches_yardsale

Time and Place: Government/Education Public Meetings

County and Roberta Meetings-government-education:

Board of Education CCBOE -Second Tuesday of the Month at 7 pm at the Board Meeting Room For February, December and July please refer to website www.crawfordsschools.org
Offices located at 190 East Crusselle Street, Roberta, Georgia 3178. Telephone contact: 478-836-3131
Superintendent of Schools: Anthony Aiknes and Assitant Superintendent. Dr. Chris Ridley

Mr. Raymond Dickey   Chairman
Mr. Tim Johnson   Vice-Chairman
Mr. Jackson DeFore   Board Member
Mr. Al Hatcher   Board Member
Mr. Joe Sutton   Board Member
Dr. Chris Ridley   Asst. Superintendent

CCBOE Secretary Diane Fastiggi and Operations Administrative Debbie Austin
Website: www.crawfordcounty.schoolinsites.com

Mr. Lee Sanders passed away in December 2020–He is remembered for his many contributions to the Board of Education and care for students, teachers and staff in the Crawford County School System. We continue to mourn his passing.

Crawford County Commission
Regularly Scheduled Meetings 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the Month held at the County Courthouse, 100 Georgia Hwy. 42 South, in Knoxville, Georgia 31050 in the Coverdell Room; 6 p.m.
County Offices located at, 640 GA Hwy 128, Roberta, Georgia 31078.
Telephone Number 478-836-3782
Hours of Operation 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday
Crawford County Board Chair: John Thomas

Crawford County  Jackie McCowen 2nd Dist.

CCB Commissioner Omar Dickey 1st District

CCB Commissioner Justin Spillers 3rd District

CCB Commissioner John Thomas 4th District

District 5th District Dale Jump

CCBC: County Manager-Sharon Sanders

Website: www.crawfordcountyga.org/county-commissioners

City of Roberta on Regularly scheduled meeting is 1st. Tuesday of each month at 6 pm at the City Hall, location: 123 East Agency Street in Roberta, Georgia 31078.
Telephone contact: 478-836-3119
City Council
Mayor Jay Andrews
Mayor Pro-tem Arnita Harris
Council members:
Councilman Robert Cody
Councilman Connie Gibson
Councilman Josh Patterson
Councilman Sherry Thompson
All other meetings, are posted and given to The Georgia Post for publication

Kim Anglin City Clerk/ Assistant City Clerk Melissa Spillers

Crawford County Development Authority

  • Regularly Scheduled Meeting is held 1st Thursday of each month at the Development Authority building in the conference room, located 1011 N Us Highway 341, Roberta, Georgia 31078
    Telephone Contact 478-836-3497
    Crawford County Board of Directors
    Developer:  Interim – Tisa Horton
  • Chair: Hill Charles Bentley
    Vice-Chair: Richard Murphy
  • Martha McAfee Secretary
    Board Members
    Arthur Bentley
  • Josh Lewis
  • Ex-Officials
    Commissioner Jackie McCowen
    Roberta Mayor Jay Andrews

Crawford County Volunteer Fire Department
Meetings Scheduled yearly and held on held Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays to convene with meetings schedule twice monthly. Recruitment and questions about joining contact Randall Pate at 478-957-9006

Crawford County Kiwanis Club – Civic Group
President- Sheriff Diane Griffin
Past President- Lewis Walker
President Elect-
Secretary- Larry Carpenter
Treasurer- Patricia Bassett
Lunch Meetings held every Wednesday at Champions and Frozen Joes
2nd Wednesday Senior Center
For more information contact Ryan Johnson 478-836-3328