What Leap Will You Take This Year? Annual Meeting of Chamber Members and Awards Evening

Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner – It’s a Leap Year ….WHAT LEAP WILL YOU TAKE THIS YEAR? A celebration held February 29, 2024 was a success.

Proudly Present Awards and Honors

Kathleen Cook –Lifetime Achievement 

Kathleen Cook was awarded the highest honor given by the Chamber of Commerce to recognize her life long service to this community in so many ways. Her devotion to those individuals and families both in our county and traveling to serve in other states and countries. She also worked to provide funding for those in need and counseling. Always working to make better life for those who needed a hand up and still  aware of keep dignity in mind as she served those with out. Chamber of Commerce loyal board member to serving her church- she truly served her family, friends, community and organizations. Thank you, Kathleen. 

Business of the Quarter –  Spring …. Chester Food Bank

Business of Quarter – Summer… Knoxville Store

Business of the Quarter – Fall …. DJ Pump Service

Business of the Quarter – Winter …. Roberta Hardware

All excellent businesses locally serving this

city and county! Congratulations to all of you!

Business of the Year 2023 —- Roberta Hardware with 75 years serving our county and cities in Roberta and Crawford County

2023 Youth of the Year

Presented to 

Katie Moncrief

This young woman works tirelessly to serve the family and her community while carrying a full class load in school. She makes time to serve the community and her school and FFA programs.


2023 Youth Group of the Year
Crawford County High FFA

2023 Youth Group of the Year

Both groups of young adults worked throughout the year serving this community. nothing is to small that they have added to by service and conviction. 


2023 Unsung Hero Award presented to Mark Johnson and his Girls Crawford County Basketball Team taking to the court without neglect to studies, A’s and high B’s and serving their community. This team of youngsters worked to serve our city and schools.  


2023 Group of the Year
Crawford County Kiwanis Club

This group of the year provided students books to keep and have the book go home with the child. Working for the community in many service areas including monthly meals for Senior Center.  


2023 Individual of the Year
Bailey Carreker

Recognizing the young woman’s ability to serve her community work through school as mentor respected young woman . Working through many 



Serving 77 counties across, East Alabama, West Georgia,
Southwest Georgia, Central Georgia, and the C.S.R.A.

Ours guest speaker led us into jolly laughter despite the information of total business! Jason Blankenship is the Vice President of Business Development for the Better Business Bureau Serving the Fall Line Corridor, Inc.
Jason aids in overseeing of 77 counties across East Alabama,
Southwest Georgia, Central Georgia, East Georgia, and Western
South Carolina. He began his BBB Career in May of 2015 as an
educator for the Central Georgia BBB. He quickly moved into the
role of Director of Business Services, and then realizing more fires
needed to be put out, he was blessed with his current role of Vice
President of Development in Mid-2018. But his presentation was side splitting with clear cut fun about the serious business at hand and how Better Business Bureau

Cynde Dickey as Chair also assured an excellent catering and Joanne and Cynde made sure the tables were beautifully dressed. The packed room was well served. 

Greeted by our Jazz Band you can mingle from 6:30 until 7 pm. Dinner begins at 7 pm and the evening will begin.  As well as the Presentation of Colors by our ROTC Award winning Color Guard. We wish everyone a great year in business and join your chamber if you are not a member if you are a member we thank you!  

…19th Annual Georgia Jug Festival In the Books! May 18th 2024—For the love of mud! join us!

Georgia Jug Festival
                     “for the love of mud”

See you May 18, 2024!

Jug Fest crafts and pottery are the best!

For the love of Mud!

The Kiln at Knoxville Bottom will be Saturday May 13 by Stephen Johnson and Shelby West. Shelby will be putting some of his talent in the kiln and selling them at Georgia Jug Festival. Both young men accomplished potters. Many thanks to these local students who have been with the Jug Fest since it was a very young years…Little Brown Jug Fest was Shelby Wests first demonstration and sales. Stephen followed with his students on the field and his own creations. Pottery Lives in Crawford for the love of mud!

Georgia Jug Fest is ready to go in the area of Crawford Co. Historical Society 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run. First event of the day! Go on line to apply and you can run to win or just to enjoy the shorter fun run.  Race  Director – Ashley  Gordon  has  information  on the  Macon Track/OrthoGA Race Series  race forms will  be  posted  on  series  by  the  end  of  January 2024. ” For the love  of  mud…put your  track shoes on!

Artists and craft vendors will be on the field on the field as well as many of our businesses and other vendors to be sure many will be there to feed you or will have items from the handcrafted or jewelry or a new leather belt. We will be posting on the website as we prepare for the festival . Come and enjoy the people and the event offering many areas for children to stage performances. and it does not end because at 4:00 pm the Soapbox Derby an added event for ages 5-13 year olds can enter their Soapbox and win prizes and ribbons. Awards will be given to winners on the Roberta Town Square where the party will continue with music, dancing and food and good family fun! Stay tuned for more information.  


All day fun and music coming your way !
Dance and tap your toes to bands and eat until you just can’t eat anymore  tour the old buildings. Enjoy family fun!

Many stories will be told at the Crawford County Jail!

Many stories will be told at the Crawford County Jail!



Look for our Festival Card brochure and come festival with us

For the Love Of Mud

Crawford County Historical Society, Jug Fest 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run

8th Annual GA Jug Fest 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run

May 18, 2023 Knoxville, Georgia    Many stories will be told at the Crawford County Jail!  come tour our old buildings!

Check out the growing list of Sponsors we also have Crawford Family Medicine  and Knoxville Store and both are Silver supporters. We thank all the many people who assist in some way to make Georgia Jug Fest Fun! Check out the Chamber Facebook for updates and Facebook Ads! For the love of mud! Come Festival with us May 20, 2023! at the 17th Georgia Jug Festival. Visit www.GeorgiaJugFestival.org 

No Admission and Free Parking —save you money to by from our Pottery and Art Vendors …that will be more fun!

The West se Contest will be on display at the Harris Arena with our CCHS Art Show; Memorial Birdhouse has been sponsored by the West Family for over 11 years to promote pottery making by youth. Pull the truck race was great for last year

“for the love of mud!”       As Always!…It is Free Admission, Free Parking and Free enjoyment for the family unless you choose to purchase from our many pottery and craft vendors we plan to have. Children’s Little Brown Jug area will be filled with old time events, pottery and craft making and so much more!  Come have Fun on May 18. 2024. Then in the evening we will finish in Roberta with tug of war, corn hole tournament and even some sort of racing…(more to come on this surprise.)

Events to look forward to:

Lunch and Learn  held at Musella Baptist Church, Musella, Georgia 2024.

Potters, Arts and Crafts available for your shopping needs! Stephen  Johnson, Shelby West, Jon and Constance Brinley, Derrek Bellflower, Kris Robson, and many others have been contacted to show the wonderful potter hand made.  Kiln will be fired on May 13 and many items will be ready to sell including Johnson and West pottery. 

Pottery –  Potters and Crafters have time to sign-up–Dead Line April 20, 2024. 

Arts, Crafts and more! Here is the List! Shelby West, Hay’s Clay (Stephen Johnson) and hoping all the potters you are glad to see each year will be set up so loist will be updated as they come in: Shelby West; Stephen Johnson; Young CCHS Potters have creations ready to fire. Our wood workers and other crafts will be set up for all to visit and buy lovely gifts. Many have gone the old ways stitching beautiful Quilts, clothing, children’s things, wood working, gardeners choice plants and much more. Business on the Field will be most

Entertainment on the field

My hat potter

Band performances from 10:30 till 9 pm in Roberta. watch forthe update on band

Friday May 17, 2024 – Miss Jug Festival and Little Miss Jug Fest–Please pick up the form from the city of Roberta 

The  Puppy Pageant on  stage  at  the  fair  field.  

Plan to come Enjoy a beautiful day! Check out the Chamber and our Jug Fest Facebook for updates and Facebook Ads!

Georgia Jug Festival and Old Knoxville Days  is Co-sponsored by Crawford County Historical Society and the Roberta-Crawford County Chamber of Commerce 

more are as follows:
I will be updating this information very soon! For the love of mud! look at our Sponsors! Support them and THANK YOU SPONSORS!

Sponsor Recognition/Our List Grows by Our Community Involvement 

Roberta Drug Store           Atlanta Sand and Supply Crawford County Government /Honorable Commissioners Roberta City Mayor and Council           Flint Energies                       Georgia Power   Champion’s Restaurant         

The Council on Alcohol and Drugs       Southern Rivers Energy      Georgia Community Bank      Community Ambulance                                        


                                      Special Thanks to Media Friends 

Guide to Georgia -where you want to be anytime of the year!  The Georgia Post    and all those who support in our business and industry.

Thank you Sponsors! We Can’t Do it Without YOU!

Are you ready to SHOP! Are you ready to SELL! In 2024 – March 8 and 9 in 2024

March 8-9 2024; 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. The Longest Yard Sale in Georgia from Barnesville to Brunswick, Georgia on US 341 and oh the fun you will have or the money you can make! Rain did not curb the crowd to get the shopping at Peaches to the Beaches 2024! Call and reserve your spot!

Official yard sites range from multi-organizational group sites to the official individual sites. As you are traveling during this event, look for the The Official Site Banners and Official Vendor Yard Signs which will be located along Hwy 341 for places to stop and shop!

Come join us as a shopper and look at all the places open for your business to find the treasure your are looking to have. Take a minute to link to Peaches to the Beaches viewing the easy to read and follow the link to Peaches to the Beaches mapping system and see for yourself the many places to shop ’till you drop. All your favorite place are there in your home town and county!

Come to 39 Wright Avenue and have your business or off site vendor spot on a map that travels you to sales and fun!…You rent the sign and you will be known on the map! All those traveling will see you and where you are on the “longest yard sale in Georgia!” Remember price goes up on February 1, 2024 from $40 to $50 and more the six vendor off sites locations $240 to $250. Food only is priced at $50 and late charge is $10

1)Become an Official Peaches to the Beaches in 2024
space. After February 1, 2024: $50 per space
2)RENT an Official Yard Sign to be placed at your choice of location. $40 per official yard sign at your house if on Hwy 341;
After February 1, 2024: $50 per official yard sign. Note: After February 1, we cannot guarantee that your listing will be included on vendor/site maps, website, listings, etc. Official Yard Signs available while supplies last.
3)RENT an Official Site Banner $240 to be an official site (for locations with 6 or more vendors).
$240 per official site banner. Note: After February 10, we cannot guarantee that your site will be included on vendor/site maps, websites, listings, etc.  8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both days of the event.
Come have fun, shop, or sell!!peaches_to_beaches_yardsale

To become an Official Vendor, contact 
Patti Temple
Roberta Crawford County Chamber of Commerce
Mail: P.O. Box 417
Roberta Georgia 31078

Shopping fever is hard to quench and clean cupboard, carports, closets and outbuilding a treasure to have not to mention the money you can raise!